While paper straws are notorious for getting ‘soggy’ in drinks, we have created the top quality paper straws on the market. Our straws can stay stiff for over 24 hours, leaving no fibers nor color bleeding behind. Our products were created with the intention of replicating the functionality of plastic, minus the environmental damage — set out to give the best of drinking experiences.

Yes! Our straws are 100% biodegradable, meaning they naturally decompose in nature. They are also compostable should that be a company’s disposal method. The paper is also ethically sourced from verified suppliers. Additionally, our standard packaging method is kraft paper, in line with our eco-friendly mission.

Not all our straws are suited for hot drinks – we have created a special model that can be in hot drinks of up to 90°C thanks to special heat resistant glue.

We noticed that many paper straws on the market turn carbonated drinks such as soda or fizzy cocktails flat. We have devised a special paper composition that prevents this from happening, ensuring that your bubbly drink won’t be affected at all.

A selection of our paper straws is available on our webshop where the MOQ is 1 carton only (5000pcs). For more information regarding shipping and costs, please visit our webshop. For larger quantities and customisation, kindly contact us directly at

We offer the option to customize paper straws with Your own logo or print. Our MOQ (minimum order quantity) is 500k pcs. This special product is not available on our webshop, and we kindly ask that you contact us at for more information.

Our aseptic packaging solutions are not available on our webshop. For inquiries kindly contact us at

We strongly believe that any alternative to plastic is a stir in the right direction. However, for the hospitality business especially, these are not practical solutions; the hygiene of these items is difficult to guarantee, the colors and functions are rather limited, and both can affect the taste of your drink. We believe the use of disposable straws is the most efficient alternative.


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