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Our clients

Aseptic solutions

Straws for the juice & dairy industry


U - Straws

Our wide range of U-shaped straws is fully compatible with standardised packs and pouches, requiring little to no adjustment on the machines. The sturdy flexible bow, strong piercing edge, and paper composition allows our straws to have a physical performance of 12+ hours in liquids.


I - Straws

Our I-shape paper straws are compatible with several packs and pouches, but especially suitable for Capri-Sun type packaging. Due to theirperforating edge, as well as optional extra thin diameter or sharper piercing angle, these thin straws are a seamless switch from plastic to paper.

Telescope Straws

Our telescopic straws are comprised of two tube-shaped parts connecting in the middle perfect for cup-shaped packs as well as standardised aseptic packaging. The length of these straws is adjustable, ensuring effortless reach inside your pack.

Foil solutions

In addition to the standard BOPP foil, we also offer paper foil – for a fully eco-friendly product. The paper foil can be printed with your logo or pattern.

U-shape straws with printed patterns


Although our straws can be used universally on most standard machines, our technicians can adjust the straw size to become compatible where needed, as well as the wrapping foil length. The foil and straw are both fully customisable, creating a truly tailor-made item for your brand.

Our applications






Branded paper straws - Added value

Branded paper straws are a great tool to promote your company, product and services or just to accompany a drink with a smart message. 

Paper straws allow for a full look customisation without losing quality of the print. They are available in single colours, printed with a logo or a pattern according to your wishes. 

With over 2 decades’ experience in the promotional business with world leading brands, Hello Straw creates a new dimension of product placement for your business.

While it seems obvious a simple and overlooked accessory, paper straws remain an essential in most businesses such as hotels, restaurants, cafés, bars, events, catering and take-away services. 

Customised paper straws will bring your brand closer to your customer.


Packaging - Customised solutions

Our production lines also offer the possibility to customise the packaging and wrapping of paper straws. 

Customised individual packaging for safe and hygienic use in the food industry, horeca and fast food chains.

For all types of customers, we offer several packaging methods. The practical vending box is very popular: on the counter for self-service or behind the bar to be served while the barman prepares a cocktail.

The most common dispenser box contains 250 paper straws, with the detachable lid you can open the box easily and the straws stay protected and tidy. We put 20 dispenser boxes in an outer case.

We put the paper straws and packaging together in the most optimal way possible to increase your brand awareness with your customers.

Latest innovations

We have developed a flat-packed solution to disposable paper cutlery. This easy to disassemble eco-friendly cutlery board makes for a great addition to a meal deal or any food event. Not only is it easier to transport, nicely stacking up and occupying less space, but it can also be printed with your branding or design for a seamless addition to your business.

Eco mission

Sustainability is a part of everything we do. We are proud to offer an eco-friendly approach to single-use plastic items by producing 100% biodegradable paper products. We have continuously tested and improved our products over the years to guarantee their unmatched high-quality and to ensure they comply with the latest safety and eco requirements.

About Hello Straw

Hello Straw stands for high-quality paper straws at an affordable price. Our biodegradable paper straws are printed with food safe bio ink and are waterproof and durable – resisting to liquids for at least 12 hours.

Throughout the years, we have been thoroughly researching and testing our products to ensure they are the safest and strongest paper straws in the business.

We are proud to be one of the first manufacturers to be able to produce eco-friendly and biodegradable straws that comply with the latest environmental and food safety standards.


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